Slightly R-Rated

This morning at Pilates we were doing an exercise that Carolynn, our instructor, claimed was good for the transverse abdominals.

Someone, who can talk while exercising, said,

“Did anyone see Oprah last week? She had someone on who said that the transverse abdominals are the best for sex!”

There were some exclamations and titters and then we got back to work.

There was a pause, then Carolynn said, quietly,

“OK, let’s REALLY work on these…”


4 responses to “Slightly R-Rated

  1. mnemosynedream

    Oh dear – I’m not entirely sure where to find my transverse abdominals…

  2. mnemosynedream

    Update. Think I may have found them at the gym this afternoon.

  3. Do let me know how that works out for you…

  4. Just too funny! Thanks for the comments on my blog. I would love to add you on Linked In… but your profile is set to private! 🙂