Handmade Gift Ideas

So it’s that time again: everyone is scrambling for gifts for other people, things that might be appreciated but won’t break the bank and, preferably, won’t contribute too much to the scuppering of the planet.

I say, buy homemade. More specifically, I say “Buy homemade from these nice folks who I either know, sort-of-know, or have bought from before”. All these folks are cottage industrialists, crafting away for the love of it and to support themselves by the work of their hands. Hoorah!

Vozamer sells odd little monsters in various media.

Debbie sells letterpress cards, pottery, prints and original art (often of odd little monsters)

Clemantine Press offers letterpress cards and paper stuffs (drool)

Messie makes beautiful little bags for useful purposes (like keeping change and knitting in)

AliceInParis sells original folk art from Nova Scotia (I have some in my bedroom. It’s lovely)

Oh2122 sells beautiful homemade jewellery.

Jo periodically lists hand-dyed yarns as does Shelly, if you’re into knitting or crochet or fondling soft wool…

(All except Jo ship from North America).

So don’t say you can’t find anything nice.


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  1. Hiya, Fiona pointed me this way:) Thanks so much! Happy Holidays!