What’s Up, Doc?

Well, here’s a little local colour.

I was off to meet the school bus today when I met one of my neighbours, off to pick up his kid from kindergarten.

Since said neighbour is a teacher, I don’t often see him at 3 pm, and commented on this.

He told me that his school district, the one slightly further west and slightly more, er, “rural” was how he put it, has a day off today. He went on to explain that the Monday after Thanksgiving is the first day of hunting season and, well…

Apparently so many people take their kids hunting today that the school district just gave in and made it an official vacation day. Brian’s either not a hunter or reckons is five year old is a bit young for that sort of thing, so he spent the day having tea-parties with his two-year old daughter instead.

One response to “What’s Up, Doc?

  1. Chuckle, chuckle!

    I actually knew it was the start of huntin’ season over there! Don’t know why!