Yesterday started out normally enough: get the boys dressed, wave K & A off, have breakfast.

Then the phone rang. One of my friends with news of yet another incipient Christmas tragedy in her family. The word “unfair” may have been bandied about a bit.

Then there were some very normal errands to run, albeit with helpful grandparents in tow to make it a little more exotic.

Then there was the snow. Not altogether unexpected at this time of year, but still, it added a little spice.

THEN there was the phone call from the husband who had tried to skive off home for lunch, only to be derailed by a flat tire (can you be derailed by a flat tire? After all if you travel on rails you probably don’t have tires. OK, he was de-roaded, which I can say since he didn’t have the locking nut thingy for his wheels and had to call a tow truck to come and lift his car up and carry it to a garage). I performed a rescue mission with sandwhiches and hot coffee (and no disgruntled three year old in the back. He was, again, being looked after by the resident grandparents. Thanks!).

Then there was the phone call saying the incipient Christmas tragedy was now an official Christmas tragedy. (Prayers for a bereaved family, please).

Then there was the email saying a friend had given birth at about the same time, to a 10lb baby girl called Rachael. This is very happy news.

Then there was news of another friend’s very unlikely and very, very welcome pregnancy. Also very happy news.

And I got to write about all of this in my paper journal with a pen celebrating the new drug that K invented. Launched a couple of weeks ago and already helping people.

Promacta Pen

(As he says, you know you’ve achieved something when your invention is on a promotional pen!)

And all this without including any of the drama that comes with having two children under the age of 6 kicking about the house.

Life just keeps happening, doesn’t it?


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