Frugal Friday – Almost-Free DTV

I keep getting mailings from my erstwhile cable company wooing me to come back.
“From $115 a month!” they cry, as if that’s a good thing.

Instead, I fire up my digital-ready LCD TV (which does not need to cost the earth See?) and make sure my $30 indoor antenna is pointing East North East, and I pick up everything I could get on basic cable and more.

If you are the frugal type who doesn’t live for TV and doesn’t have a raving sports maniac in the house, then you can set yourself up like this just fine. And, after the initial purchases it is free. Even basic cable cost me $20 a month plus all those wierd taxes they add on. Multiply that by a year and you’ve just paid for your digital-ready TV.

The picture is crystal clear most of the time, and the problems I do encounter have more to do with the stations transmitting them than with my equipment. (I have heard from a neighbor that her converter box signal craps out sometimes, just like my over-the-air signal).

This site will help you find out if you have a strong enough signal in your area (in the US) for this scheme to work.

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