Part of the Problem

This morning I was reading reflections by a favourite writer of mine. I know what she looks like and it has, occasionally, crossed my mind to envy her slim stature.

In the piece I read this morning she was talking about inexplicable, abberant behaviour and she compared it to,

“…hauling off and eating a whole pan of brownies when you would usually just eat an apple.”

Yes, she’s acknowledging that everyone has those moments.

But it occurred to me that ‘just eating an apple’ is never the default behaviour for me!

I might remind myself to eat an apple instead of a whole pan of brownies and then feel virtuous (and unsatisfied), but ‘just eating an apple’ is SOOOOooo not the norm.

This might be part of my problem. What do you think?

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3 responses to “Part of the Problem

  1. I think there is no problem. She exhibits abberant behaviour in just eating an apple. Anyone can *just* eat an apple. It takes a special someone to consume a whole pan of brownies, earning extra ‘brownie’ points for doing it in private after “just” eating the apple in public.

  2. We’re dooomed, Doomed, DOOMED!

  3. mnemosynedream

    I am rather partial to a nice crunchy apple myself. Although this week they are overshadowed by the glory that is It would almost be rude not to…