Garden Fun

We had one of those March weekends where the boys get the sandpit open and ask for the pool and don’t believe me when I say it might snow tomorrow.

Of course, I don’t really believe it either and I start casting a critical eye on the garden. I have Plans. They have not come to fruition yet, and might not this year, but I decided to make a start, by neatening up my existing flower beds. It was good exercise and it kept me out in the daylight longer than normal, and I was in a great mood for the rest of the day. Coincidence?

By the next day, of course, it was cold and rainy (as you’ll see in the pictures, along with the wonderful clay soil. Note to self: must get compost soon.)

Anyhoo, it’s not very impressive but, just for my own records, here’s what I did:

Gave the bed around the buddleia a real edge
Neatened Edges & Shorn Butterfly Bush

Edged last year’s newest bed. This one has a large purple plant in it that was my birthday present last year from a friend. I’m not sure if it’ll come back, but I’m hopeful.
More Neatened Edges with Gaming Gnomes

Edged and tidied up the bed by the porch. This one has daffodils and tulips making their way up. It’s probably going to help the tulips that, this year, they won’t be in the shade of a large pear tree by the time they try to bloom. In fact, it’ll be interesting to see what the lack of the aforementioned large tree does to the rest of the front garden…

I also cut back my butterfly bush quite dramatically. I really like cutting and slashing and digging and ripping up. I get a bit overwhelmed when all the plants start to grow. I need to embrace ‘pinching’ and ‘pruning’ and ‘thinning’ more.

There’s lots more to do, but it’s been quite wet since then, and there’s not point breaking my tools in the cement-like clay when there’s plenty more spring to come.


4 responses to “Garden Fun

  1. Looking forward to seeing the ‘transformation’ later in the year.

  2. I don’t know if it was reading this that made me do it, or the good weather, but I just weeded a bit (you’d no doubt call it a “bed”) at the front of the house. I think I inadvertently broke or pulled up everything I had planted on purpose, whilst getting the weeds out. Maybe I should have tackled this earlier!