Silence is Golden

I’m getting grief from all sides about the lack of blog posts recently. I regret it, myself, but in my defense, it’s hard to concentrate on putting words together coherently — never mind coming up with an entertaining story — when there are two small boys around all day, and one large boy for part of the day, and you know that at any moment, someone is going to shout “Mu-uuuuum!” or come wandering in and say “Whatcha up to?”.

And the less I blog, the less I spot bloggable moments.

And yes, I’ve been Twittering those moments, which is probably bad, because then I don’t feel the urge to not them in more than 140 characters, for posterity.

And then I end up writing blog entries like this.


So, I shall try to do better.

But meanwhile, I’m off to find out just why no-one has yelled “Mu-uuuum!” for the past three minutes.

Wish me luck!


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