Writing, With A Pen!

Well, I have taken down my 500 Words logo in the sidebar there -> because I haven’t been making an effort to hit my 500 words a day. I just haven’t been able to make the time, or the space in my brain.

However, I have been writing over the past few days. I have written hundreds and hundreds of words of journal entries (my paper one, the one that helps me sort out my grumpy moods. The one that gets burned when I die!), quite a lot of blog entries (since even my long-lost father-in-law phoned me up to say “I haven’t seen any updates for a while”) and, believe it or not, three (yes THREE) letters. All written since this time yesterday.

Every time I go to the mailbox I’m vaguely disappointed that there is nothing in there for me that isn’t a bill or a circular or even occasionally something I’ve ordered for myself.

It’s so nice to get something unexpected, from someone else, isn’t it? But I can’t complain that no-one sends me anything when I’m not sending anything out either. I have a number of friends who are very big fans of the written letter and will respond, but I haven’t written to them for so long that of course, nothing has come to me either.

So I pulled out the notecards, because they are less intimidating than a sheet of blank paper (of any size, strangely enough). I escaped to the bookstore (thank you, Kevin!) and started to write. Actually I started to rant, but my letter-recipients never seem to mind that, so I ranted on, and on, and off the end of the notecard and onto the letter-writing paper I had brought with me. (Remember that stuff? The pads of Basildon Bond, with the page of blotting paper at the front? Wonder if my kids will even imagine that such a thing existed. Actually mine will because I’ll still be using it, but their friends will wonder where I found such a thing).

And here I am, putting words on the screen again too. But that’s just because I’m supposed to be tidying out a cupboard.

Hey ho.

Maybe I’ll put that 500 Words logo back up again, after all…

So what about you? Do you have any friends you still correspond with via old-fashioned letter? Any you think would be game?


One response to “Writing, With A Pen!

  1. I did promise that I would WRITE a letter to you …. and I will… when I stop falling asleep evry time I sit down 🙂