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Frustration-Free Packaging from Amazon

How did I miss this??!


Earth Day

Earth Day Failures:

  • Driving 12 miles there and back for a 20 minute appointment
  • Getting lost on the way (even with GPS), and driving an extra 3-4 miles
  • Sending A in for ‘hot lunch’, which is served on disposable, coated paper plates.
  • Sending A to school with Cheese-Its in a plastic zip-lock bag for his snack.

Earth Day Successes:

  • Driving at/around the speed limit, with one eye on the fuel consumption meter. (Driving like a teenager versus driving like an old lady: 2.6mpg improvement for the old lady)
  • Sending G in for lunch bunch with the Laptop Lunch box and all fresh foods.
  • Walking to preschool and back to pick up G.
  • Turning off all those lights and appliances that usually just get left on by accident.
  • Shutting down my computer. Now.