XKCD Gives Away Our Secret

This made me laugh a lot

…then curse him for telling people.


A Message from Gregor



I just saw a hummingbird, for the first time in my life.

I was standing on the deck, about to come inside, when what seemed like two butterflies or a really big dragonfly flitted past me and paused at one of my flower boxes.

When my eyes had focussed I realised that this was a hummingbird.

It truly was tiny. Huge for a dragonfly but tiny for a bird.

Dark greens and blues shimmered as it drank from my petunias and tried to find an open flower on the hibiscus and made a pass at the artificial flowers wrapped around my trellis. I suspect is had discovered the hibiscus a few days ago and came back for that. I’ve never had a hibiscus before and it’s classic hummingbird bait. It dipped int the new begonias I had just put out, and then zipped off.

I was standing there the whole time, feet from the thing, mouth hanging open, grinning like the proverbial idiot, and thinking “Hummingbird! Wow!”

I see hummingbird feeders in the garden centers all the time, but I don’t think I ever believed we really had hummingbirds in this area. How can I have lived here for 13 years and never seen a hummingbird before if they really live here?

I feel like I just walked out my front door and saw a unicorn trot past.

Writing, With A Pen!

Well, I have taken down my 500 Words logo in the sidebar there -> because I haven’t been making an effort to hit my 500 words a day. I just haven’t been able to make the time, or the space in my brain.

However, I have been writing over the past few days. I have written hundreds and hundreds of words of journal entries (my paper one, the one that helps me sort out my grumpy moods. The one that gets burned when I die!), quite a lot of blog entries (since even my long-lost father-in-law phoned me up to say “I haven’t seen any updates for a while”) and, believe it or not, three (yes THREE) letters. All written since this time yesterday.

Every time I go to the mailbox I’m vaguely disappointed that there is nothing in there for me that isn’t a bill or a circular or even occasionally something I’ve ordered for myself.

It’s so nice to get something unexpected, from someone else, isn’t it? But I can’t complain that no-one sends me anything when I’m not sending anything out either. I have a number of friends who are very big fans of the written letter and will respond, but I haven’t written to them for so long that of course, nothing has come to me either.

So I pulled out the notecards, because they are less intimidating than a sheet of blank paper (of any size, strangely enough). I escaped to the bookstore (thank you, Kevin!) and started to write. Actually I started to rant, but my letter-recipients never seem to mind that, so I ranted on, and on, and off the end of the notecard and onto the letter-writing paper I had brought with me. (Remember that stuff? The pads of Basildon Bond, with the page of blotting paper at the front? Wonder if my kids will even imagine that such a thing existed. Actually mine will because I’ll still be using it, but their friends will wonder where I found such a thing).

And here I am, putting words on the screen again too. But that’s just because I’m supposed to be tidying out a cupboard.

Hey ho.

Maybe I’ll put that 500 Words logo back up again, after all…

So what about you? Do you have any friends you still correspond with via old-fashioned letter? Any you think would be game?

Silence is Golden

I’m getting grief from all sides about the lack of blog posts recently. I regret it, myself, but in my defense, it’s hard to concentrate on putting words together coherently — never mind coming up with an entertaining story — when there are two small boys around all day, and one large boy for part of the day, and you know that at any moment, someone is going to shout “Mu-uuuuum!” or come wandering in and say “Whatcha up to?”.

And the less I blog, the less I spot bloggable moments.

And yes, I’ve been Twittering those moments, which is probably bad, because then I don’t feel the urge to not them in more than 140 characters, for posterity.

And then I end up writing blog entries like this.


So, I shall try to do better.

But meanwhile, I’m off to find out just why no-one has yelled “Mu-uuuum!” for the past three minutes.

Wish me luck!

Hooray for A Cold

I’ve been swimming a lot recently, while the boys have been in their joint swimming class (which is going quite well).

Last night, however, I discovered I had caught some lurgy and am now living on Sudofed substitutes again.

The good news on this is that I took my notebook to the pool with me today, sat at the back of the bleachers trying not to make eye contact with anyone, and made some progress on the second of a series of children’s stories I’ve been writing, but which had stalled for a while.

I’m taking Debbie’s 500 words a day challenge even though I know it’s going to be, well, a challenge. I’m aiming for 5 days a week.

Wish me luck!

iPhone Cartoon by Debbie

Reading ebooks on my iPhone

by Debbie at inkygirl.com, a great site for writers.