I’ve just spend an hour trying to solve a problem that was stopping me from logging in here to doing a quick post before I got on with the rest of my day.

I solved the problem (which did exist). Sadly, it wasn’t the right problem, and I still couldn’t log in.

Then, having eliminated the hour-long-to-solve problem, I fixed the log-in issue in, er, a minute.

I’m sure there was a flaw in my methodology, but I’m also sure anyone who has ever tried to build/bake/create/mend something has followed my method before and will be nodding and chuckling just now.


I only really have about two hours of useable time and now I have frittered one away on a minor problem that wasn’t pressing. Still, I feel accomplished. And more resolved than ever to go and book Gregor into the Lunch Bunch at school a couple of days a week… (poor waif).

In other news, I have major “Google Wave” envy. I know someone who has an invite and I’m resisting the temptation to cyber-sidle up to her and say,  ‘Hey, long time no email. How’ve you been? Now GIMME an Invite!”. It would be rather cheeky as she is the person who gave me my GMail invitation all those years ago. I’m not even sure what Google Wave is, really, I just know that I never looked back once I signed up for Gmail and GWave looks all shiny and new and sexy and I. Want. It.

Sigh again.
There is definitely something to Ray Bradbury’s advice to jump out of bed and run to your desk and start writing. I know it’s sound advice but I, unlike Mr. Bradbury, do not have a wife. I don’t have to do everything in the morning, but there is an aspect of, ‘well, let’s get the breakfast dishes away, and maybe eat something, and have another coffee and oh, maybe I should shower so I don’t scare the kindergartners when I go in to help out with lunch…”

And then there are technical difficulties…and we’re back where you came in.

But hey, my desk is tidy and that’s A Good Thing.

Now I’m off to have a shower. Once I leave the house — in an hour — it’ll be all go all day: lunch duty, pick up G, get a new book for A to read on the bus tomorrow, come home to wait for the pest guy to come and nuke the wasp’s nest that is dropping baby yellow jackets all over the garage floor, meet A from the bus, supervise homework, get to Karate, sit there for an hour and a half, come home, make dinner, clean up, bedtime routine, get things ready for A’s field trip tomorrow…

Not that I’m complaining you understand. It’s just so foreign to me, to be this busy. (And not be being paid for it. As such. Do hugs count? Cos I’m getting a lot more of them these days than I used to. Which is also A Good Thing.)

Right. 55 minutes. Shower time.


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  1. Maureen Mccarroll

    Phew ….. I’m going for a lie down for you 🙂